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Circle of Security

Bulimba Community Kindergarten implements the Circle of Security approach in line with our Gowrie Behaviour Management policy. All our Teachers and Educators have completed comprehensive training in this model.


We will offer this training to the parents of Bulimba Kindy, so that we can have a collaborative approach between home and Kindy. 

For further information on the Circle of Security approach, click here.


The Circle of Security program is based on decades of research into the importance of connectedness and secure attachments in childhood. Bulimba Kindy staff fosters this initiative through their everyday interactions with the children.


Below is an illustration of how the concept of the Circle of Security looks. We, as the educators or parents, are the hands on the circle providing children with a secure base to go out and explore their environment. We are also the safe-haven to welcome the children back when they need comfort or help organising their feelings.

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