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Our Philosophy

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the land on which our building stands and we pay respect to them for their care of the land. 

We also acknowledge and pay our respects to all Elders, both past and present. 


We value:

  • children as unique and competent individuals;

  • the richness of play as a context for children's learning;

  • individuals- the diversity, equality and rights of and support the inclusion of all children;

  • an active, healthy lifestyle to encourage positive self-image and attitude to learning; and 

  • a safe, secure stimulating and relaxed learning environment.  


At Bulimba Kindy, we respect and value children, families, community, the environment and staff. 

Our goal is the inclusion of all children regardless of ability, socioeconomic or cultural background or disability and this goes beyond simple enrolment, to support all children to participate in the program.


We value: 

  • sharing the values of respect and sustainability of our natural environment and the people in it. 

  • learning spaces indoors and outdoors that provide a rich array of experiences and materials, conducive to learning by all children. 

  • an educational environment that reflects a sense of belonging to the local community. 

Families and Community  

We value:

  • a welcoming and inclusive environment for all families. 

  • open communication with parents, care-givers and the wider-community. 

  • working in collaboration with families to provide the first and most important education for all children. 


We value: 

  • supporting our staff as proactive, dedicated professionals, who utilise their knowledge and experience. 

  • our staff continuing to engage in professional development opportunities that continue their growth as educators. 

  • being an employer who provides a supportive and rewarding work environment for our Educators. 

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